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Grief sucks. Grieving sucks. Living life after the death of a loved one sucks. Navigating grief in a society that fears death sucks. Making friends in a new community of grievers sucks (even though you are thankful to not be so alone.) Basically everything sucks. Losing my daughter, Sarah Saponara (9/27/99-2/17/21), at the age of 21 ripped my life apart. Everything hurts and everything sucks. We miss her so much! She was as irreverent as she was kind, as musical as she was intelligent, as fierce as she was loving- and now we have to live this life without her! That sucks! The picture is from her 21st birthday. The two middle fingers are a Sarah trademark. In this "grief journey" (barf to calling it that!) I have hated all the touchy-feely stuff and the crappy platitudes that people say trying to mean well. There is only one way to describe this all. Grief Sucks. Fuck Grief.  

The idea of making fuck grief t-shirts started when a new friend from a grief group gave me a middle finger that she made from pipe cleaners. Then there was a joke about making group t-shirts. Then, when I tried to register the name Fuck Grief it autocorrected to the infamous DUCK! It was funny so here we are now. I know that I'm not alone in the sentiment that grief can go FUCK ITSELF. This message is meant with all due disrespect intended because grief sucks. A portion of the proceeds of this endeavor are shared with the grief organizations that support the individuals and families whose lives have been upended by the death of a loved one.

With irreverence,

Tricia Reagan

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