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Hardcore Grief Recovery: An Honest Guide to Getting through Grief without the Condolences, Sympathy, and Other BS

By Steve Case

A grief book that tells you it's ok to not be ok and will never say "it all happens for a reason"


When you lose a loved one, you're going to feel that loss, hard. And healing through your grief can be the start of a long journey, especially when every other book on loss is quietly patting you on the head, telling you everything will be okay. But, guess what: We know everything is not okay. And we're here to both be sorry for your loss AND actually help.

This is a straight to the point, honest-as-hell grief recovery handbook. Paring away the cloying sympathy and the pitying hugs, Hardcore Grief Recovery: F**k Death stands at your side through the five stages of grief, giving you a shoulder to lean on and a friend to yell "f**k this" with. This book will be honest about:

  • Denial: manage the impulse to say "this can't be f*cking happening" with mindfulness and grounding
  • Anger: how to be an a**hole without ruining your relationships and how to practice proper anger management and release
  • Bargaining: advice for ditching the "what ifs," reframing your situation, and reclaiming your agency
  • Depression: tips for when absolutely everything feels like sh*t and a variety of strategies for expressing your pain
  • Acceptance: how embracing the suckage allows you to move on, even when your world might feel completely different

Covering each moment of your grief journey and asking the tough questions along the way, this is part grief book, part grief journal that will ultimately pick you up, dust you off, and help you heal.

Hardcore Grief Recovery by Steve Case

SKU: 102CD
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